Chemical principles the quest for insight

Chemical principles the quest for insight


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An established bestseller, Chemical Principles develops students' chemical insight by showing the connections between fundamental chemical ideas and their applications. Unlike most other texts, it begins with a detailed picture of the atom, giving students a strong grounding in the subject. From this foundation, it builds toward chemistry's frontier, continually demonstrating how to solve problems, think about nature and matter, and visualize chemical concepts as working chemists do. The fifth edition has been fully updated to stay at the cutting edge of the subject. A new chapter on inorganic materials has been added, the coverage of descriptive chemistry has been improved, and new green chemistry coverage has been added to engage students with this increasingly important element of the subject. The pedagogy has also been improved, of particular note is the new 'Anticipate/Plan/Solve/Evaluate' problem-solving strategy that encourages a scientific style of thinking. The book is supported by a companion website ( This aids understanding and learning through a wide variety of study tools including quizzes, interactive graphs, animations and videos.


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